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Thorough Examinations
Select Plant Hire Olympia

Project Description

Safety Check Engineering Ltd (SCE) are undertaking the thorough examination of the tower/crawler cranes, construction hoists and temporary suspended access systems (Cradles). We are working with the Principal Contractor Laing O’Rourke on-site responsible persons and Select Plant Hire engineering team in carrying out the thorough examinations, producing the reports of thorough examination (ROTE) in a timely manner whilst advising on any defects or observations that may or may not occur.

This is a large and busy construction site and from initial inductions and ongoing updates each time our engineer surveyors visit site due to the ever-changing environment and progress, our engineer surveyors feel safe and secure. During these visits we enhance our relationship with the responsible persons, appointed persons, operators, and banksman regarding health and safety and how we conduct the thorough examinations and limit the downtime of these machines in a safe manner.

SCE will continue to be on-site regularly while the plant and machinery is installed and in-service.