Safety Check Engineering Ltd

Statutory Thorough Examinations and
Magnetic Rope Testing

The market leading independent engineering thorough examination organisation for examination and testing solutions.

What We Do

About Us

Safety Check Engineering Ltd was founded in 2002 and set up to carry out Statutory Thorough Examination of Tower Cranes, Crawler/Mobile Cranes, Construction Hoists, Mast Climbing Work Platforms Lifts, Lifting and Handling Equipment, Lifting Accessories and Minor Pressure Plant.

Examination Facts

combined years of tower crane and steel wire rope experience and knowledge
steel wire ropes examined

Our Mission

As one of the UK’s leading independent engineering examination companies we will continue to deliver high quality plant, machinery and equipment In-Service Examinations whilst driving through the highest levels of customer service and be recognised as cost competitive in the market.


ALIGN JV (HS2) - Launching Girder


BYLOR JV (Hinkley Point)


St James Phases 1, 2 & 3 White City


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